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SAAR CONNECT offers contact centre solutions and customized training programs for all domains. Our programs benefit our clients directly and result in increased productivity.


We at SAAR GEOSPATIAL are invested in the development, manufacture, implementation and employment of geospatial technology.


One of the driving factors behind any organization’s potential success is its ability to attract and retain a high quality workforce.


The spine of our success, SAAR SOFTWARE has played a key role in building our organization.


We at SAAR SECURE offer a calculated approach to matters of information security.


At SAAR TRAINING, we have developed a variety of need specific training programs which optimize the reliability and performance of any organizational workforce.


SAAR INTERACTIVE has been created to help facilitate cost effective and instant interactions between businesses and their customers.


Our design solutions are original, relevant and true to our respective client's ethos.

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We at SAAR Geospatial are invested in the development, manufacturing, implementation and employment of geospatial technology. we possesses the technology and the manpower to undertake small, medium and large scale GIS based projects around India and the world. Our most recent GIS based project was the 2014 Tree Census which was conducted in liaison with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.
Geospatial technologies include the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), total stations to measure angles and distances, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), remote sensing (RS, which includes multi-spectral satellite imaging and aerial ortho-photography), location-based services (LBS), computer-aided design (CAD), and geographic information systems (GIS). The industry includes basic and applied research, technology development, and applications to address all types of planning, decision-making, and operational needs.

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