Information Security consists of products and services that defend an organization’s critical data and assets from any kind of threat. We at SAAR SECURE offer a calculated approach to matters of information security. We help clients develop a thorough understanding of the causes and impacts of the vulnerabilities we discover. Information security is a domain filled with various operational constraints and unexpected situations. We provide testing at short notices and respond to any operational request anytime. A significant portion of our resources is devoted to research and development thus making sure that we stay on top of all technological advancements and the ever changing standards.Our business relationships have been blessed with longevity and mutual trust. . Our clients value the flexibility we provide.


Application architecture security

Input validation filters

Session based attacks

End user information disclosure attacks, between users

Cross site request attacks

Cross domain redirection attacks

Exception management, Error reporting and information leakage

Insecure communications

Poor enforcement of authentication, authorization and access control

Weak cryptographic algorithms and implementation

Insecure database access

Inadequate protection of data

Missing or weak security boundaries

Exploitable gaps in business logic

Poor resource management

Insufficient audit records

Vulnerability to well-known attacks

Non-compliance with organizational code development policies

Additional risks

Buffer overflows

Undocumented public interfaces

Code access security

Unsafe and unmanaged code